Nove BCAA od Kompavy

Posted by Peter Csonka / Nov 11 '15 / 5 Comments

BCAA tvoria až 35 % obsahu svalovej hmoty a metabolizujú sa vo svaloch na energiu. Urýchľujú syntézu bielkovín a ochraňujú vlastné svalové bielkoviny pri športových a fyzických záťažiach.    Produkt je v instantnej forme s vynikajúcou rozpustnosťou. Vyrobený z prírodných surovín, bez pridania konzervačných, syntetických látok a umelých farbív, bez pridaného cukru, ideálny pre vegánov a vegetariánov. Vhodný aj pri bezlepkovej a bezlaktózovej diéte.    Instatné aminokyseliny K4 Power BCAA sú výnimočné svojim zložením.   V 500g/45 dávok obsahujú instantné aminokyseliny:   Zmes esenciálnych aminokyselín (L-leucín, L-izoleucín, L-valín) – podporuje rýchlejšiu tvorbu a ochranu svalovej hmoty   L-glutamín – zabezpečuje dokonalú…

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Ninas Training in Cunovo- video

Posted by Peter Csonka / Nov 11 '15 / 5 Comments

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Adidas Sickline 2015 Women Division

Posted by Peter Csonka / Oct 30 '15 / 5 Comments

Adidas Sickline Extreme Kayak World Championships 2015 was a bit special for women this time. It is already well know among paddling community and the women category is getting bigger and bigger from year to year. This time 24 women took a part and raced at Oetztal Valley. It was first time when more than 20 women came to fight for the title of the Sickline Queen. We got to Oetz at the start of week. I was pretty surprised to see so many girls to train on competition course. I can say many of them was looking much better on…

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Euro Cup #3 & #4

Posted by Peter Csonka / Oct 5 '15 / 5 Comments

One day after we got home from Canada we were sitting in our car again and heading to Prague where the third Euro Cup in freestyle took a place. After one month paddling the wave it was nice change to paddle in the hole. We didnt had much training as we came just one day before event started. On Saturday all the prelims were on the schedule. I was feeling quite week, I guess it was from the jet lag, but I did pretty solid rides and scored really high score which secured me a first place. Peter paddled good but…

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Kayak freestyle world championships #1

Posted by Peter Csonka / Aug 25 '15 / 5 Comments

This time the Worls are moving from USA to Canada. Instead of stabile hole to fast strong wave. Everybody are looking forward to paddle great Garborator wave next to Otawa. We are coming in 4 weeks advance to prepare us for this event. Many paddlers are already here and training on the wave. The wave is good but difficult. It is a big challenge but every day it is going better and better. Line up is getting busy. It is nice to meet all the friends from over the sea who we didnt see for longer or very long time. Our…

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Swisz training

Posted by Peter Csonka / Aug 15 '15 / 5 Comments

Warming up before the Worlds. This year Kayak freestyle World Championships are taking place in Otawa on famost Garborator wave. It is fast wave with shoulders. We have surfed it in 2006 so it´s been 9 years. This wave is awesome to paddle but a bit tricky as well. In Europe we dont have many waves to paddle specialy not the type like this one. As the event is slowly coming up we had to figured out where to train until we leave to Canada. The best option was wave in Bremgarten. It is not that far and the wave is…

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Look back for the season preparations.

Posted by Peter Csonka / Jul 13 '15 / 5 Comments

After some time in Plattling me and my friend Lukas Cervinka we decided to go for the training to Uganda. Uganda has always the best features for playboating in the waves. My plan was of course the train in the waves and get ready for World championships, but I also had an idea to make a movie about the local Ugandan kayakers which made the team to represent their country at the World championships in Canada. It is actually the first time that the whole Ugandan team is going to take a part at the World championships in freestyle kayaking. I…

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Posted by Peter Csonka / Jul 3 '15 / 5 Comments

This week we were on the road again, heading to my favorite part of Austria to the Dolomites. The hole in Lienz has changed a bit, so the organizers decided to move the event 40 km away from Lienz to the Flattach on the River Moll. I know this place from the last year and it is as good as Lienz. The scenery is absolutely beautiful and the water is so clean that you can drink it. The Moll River is flowing through a valley that is surrounded by great glaciers and mountains. The water sports area in Flattach is well…

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Area 47 exhibition.

Posted by Peter Csonka / Jun 22 '15 / 5 Comments

Few weeks ago we were invited to do the exhibition in Area 47. Its a nice place at the Oetz valley. Every year they organize a big opening for clients, sponsors and its opened also for normal people too. This year there was a big party with lots of sport activities like blobbing, cliff jumps, ski jumps of course us on the ramp and many more. Me and Nina we were changing on the ramp during the show. When I was jumping Nina was with the little star Peter jr. and than we changed. Pretty cool how the others admire us…

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Uganda video

Posted by Peter Csonka / Jun 14 '15 / 5 Comments

Hi guys, we made a short clip from the Uganda trip. Check it out.

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Freestyle kayak Euro Cup in Plattling #1

Posted by Peter Csonka / Jun 11 '15 / 5 Comments

Plattling is well know between freestyle paddlers as a solid playhole. It hosted a few world class events as a World Cups or World Championships in past few years. This time the first Euro Cup took the place there. It was a preliminary event before the European Championships next year. The water levels was very good. A week before it started the small flood came and secured the higher water for the event. We stayed there a weekend before and trained in the hole. We couldn't stay whole week and had to go back home. We came back Thursday night and…

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Posted by Peter Csonka / May 21 '15 / 5 Comments

I’ve always known that a sparring partner is a very important specialty in kayaking. Creeking or river running is almost impossible and dangerous without him and freestyling is quite boring if you are on your own. But it is not easy to find a soul mate you can share your enthusiasm with, especially in a discipline like freestyle. I am very lucky to have found my soul mate – my husband who is my kayaking partner and trainer in one person. I train with him all the time. I’ve trained without him just few times in our 12-year relationship. However this…

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TA3 adrenalínový manželia

Posted by Peter Csonka / May 3 '15 / 5 Comments

One of our lates media work with the TA3 tv in slovakia. Thanks to TA3 for such as awesome TV show. Check out the video 

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Posted by Peter Csonka / Apr 1 '15 / 5 Comments

Hi, so its March.  Hehe I know that you guys might figured out this information also without me, but for me March was the month with big "M". I tell you why. Have you ever been injured? Maybe yes maybe no, but the point is: if you are injured and you can't do something that you love because of the injury, that is the worst feeling.  I love kayaking, I think I won't ever stop, even when I'm old, broke or what ever happens to me in the future. As you probably figured out before, I had some difficult injures in the past, like…

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Tažký comeback.

Posted by Peter Csonka / Mar 19 '15 / 5 Comments

Po nejakom tom mesiaci sa opäť ozývam. Konečne začínam byť spokojný so svojou formou. Koncom novembra som podstúpil operáciu ramenného kĺbu a aby som stihol túto sezónu mal som teda čo robiť. Asi po dvoch týždňoch po operácii som už trénoval samozrejme s fixáciu zranenej ruky. V takej situácii človek vyskúša všetko, aby sa mu zranenia čo najskôr vyliečili. Ja som v tom období používal hlavne kĺbovú výživu Gelo-3 complex a  tomu som jedol MSM + Fit Cé vitamín. Táto kĺbová výživa a jej kombinácia by mala najviac vplývať na regeneráciu kĺbov. Vďaka pohybu a doplnkom som mohol zložiť ortézu skôr ako…

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Cartwheel and Splitwheel - new tricks

Posted by Peter Csonka / Feb 26 '15 / 5 Comments

Cartwheel - Cartwheel definition : Two consecutive ends in the same rotational direction, and both ends at a vertical angle between 45° a nd 100°. Cartwheel is practically the spin executed with more than 45 degrees and less than 100 degrees vertical rotation. There are several ways how to start this move. Ones you get up on the foam pile you have to start with the strong back stoke.  edging the boat and moving the body weight to the front comes together in same time. Kayaker should watch upstream as long as its possible. When the kayaker is vertical on the…

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Costa Rica - chasing jaguarsin TV

Posted by Peter Csonka / Feb 25 '15 / 5 Comments

DIGI Sport - was broadcasting our movie for several times! Thanks a lot!

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Posted by Peter Csonka / Jan 31 '15 / 5 Comments

New year = new challenges. This year 2015 will be filled with hard training, traveling and competing. have to get strong again after my pregnancy and Peter has to limber up his shoulder after surgery. We started our winter preparation in November and we have been in gym almost every day for the past three months.  After my pregnancy, I started to paddle very fast and I did many competitions, but I still felt much weaker than I used to be. Now I feel much better and stronger. Peter had a surgery in November, but he missed only a week of training. When he couldn't use his right arm…

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National Sport center 2014-2015

Posted by Peter Csonka / Jan 31 '15 / 5 Comments

I am very happy that I was a part of the National Sport center price givin ceremony after the past season 2014 and I really hope that the upcoming season will be even better! Check out the news !

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Back roundhouse - freestyle moves

Posted by Peter Csonka / Jan 25 '15 / 5 Comments

Hi all. So we would like to continue with the clinics in kayak freestyle. The move we tried to explain today is the wave move back roundhouse. Its still belong to the low scored wave moves and  its the move to start with if you like to learn more difficult moves started from the back surf like back blunts back pan ams and more. So we help it helps you to improve the technique and skills of yours and if you have any questions just drop a comment or send us a message. See you later. Peter

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